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Unformatted text preview: CSE143 Section For Lhese public ^..h1 #6 Problems using the standard ListNode class: problems, class ..1 ^ assume that ( next, we are ListNode ; - .^..t data; ListNode r,uvrlu public // // daLa link in this node stored node in the to next list public ListNode O this (0, null); ) t public ListNode (int data) nuII); this (data, ) public ListNode this . data this . next i ) (int data, data i next; { ListNode next) i "' we are writing methods for a class called And that front: data field of type ListNode called single public cl-ass LinkedlntList private ListNode front; <methods> ) In 1. solving these problems, you may not call any { Linkedlntlist that has a other methods of of the class. If Write a method min is empty, the list returns that the minimum value in a List it shoul-d throw an IllegalStateException. inteqers. 2. whether or not a list returns Write a method hasTwoConsecutive that of (returning numbers that integers has two adjacent are consecutive integers For example, if exists and returning faLse otherwise) . if such a pair true the following sequence of values: stores a varj-abl-e cal-Ied list , then the Iist 18, caLl: . hasTwoConsecutive () l-ist contains numbers. lf 40, the adjacent instead the numbers (1, B) l-ist had stored 2,'7, 8, 39, 18, 40] true because the shouLd return which are a pair of consecutive sequence of values: this [1, 18, I7, 2, J, 39, 18, B] return faLse. This sequence contaj.ns some pairs then the method should of (e.9., numbers that could represent integers 1 and 2, ? and 8, consecutive 39 and 4Or, but those pairs of numbers are not adjacent in the sequence. of adjacent The l-ist also has a pair numbers (18, I1) that are not in the riahr nrrror to be considered q consecutlve: Yog mqL_no! *rlrg}g_ ny aqs_q$p!i_oqs __ about how manv el-ements aie in the f :-st. 3. Write that returns a method isSorted true if (nondecreasing) and that returns false order considered to be sorted. the list is otherwise. in sorted An empty list is ...
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