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Unformatted text preview: ./. ,/ that rearranges Write a method split the elements of a list of int.egers val-ues appear before aII of the nonneoar'i rrpq t.hat al-l- of the negative you have a variable if list called that stores example, t.he following sequence of values: [8, then the Iist. 1, -4, l.9, 0, 43, -8, -1, 2] so tror calL: split O; the negatives first. One possible the list to put shoul-d rearrange would be as follows: arrangement -8, -7, 1, 19, l-4, 8, O, 43, 2l So thj-s rearrange matters onJ-y that It ic nnlrr ^ne possible this way: the values [-'7, -8, -4, 2, the negatives appear bef ore the nonn€gatives. soluti-...
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