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Unformatted text preview: lues them Then you are Iist. attaching the second list to the end of this together, if For example, two l-ists these sequences store to empty the second list. of values: Ij-st1: list2 : Then the l-istl should (8, (L, I7, 2, 2, 3 ) cal,l: (Iist2) as 4, folf I, ; ows: 2, 3) 4) f oJ-lowing . transferFrom the (8, () the l-i-sts L1 , 2, leave listl: list2 The order Iist2. would have : of arquments in the ; calL matters. For example: transferFrom left () (I, the (1ist1) as l-ists follows: Iistl : Iist2:. Either of the is null. Ii...
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