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Unformatted text preview: ,/ ./ L4. list removes a section a method removeRange that of a linked of Write We will of referring to the f i-rst use the Java convention integers. 0, the second having position as having position 1 and elemenL of the list To call removeRaog€, you must specify ds in: two positions, so on. lst. removeRange (3, 8) ; 8 values 3 and This requests the removal of all- val-ues between positions For example, tf the list had contained the following inclusive. before this caII: [8, the are 13, LJ, 4, 9, 12, 98, 4t,'7, 23, 0, 92] and position list: 8 (the values between position 3 (the value 4) you with the following removed, leaving [8, L3, LJ, 23, 0, 92) value '7) You should throw an IllegalArgumentException you may assume that the negat.ive. Otherwise (0 range of the list 15. if ej-ther positions of the positions represent a legal is doubles the size of a list Write a method doubleT,ist that by appending sequence to the end of the Iist. For example, if copy of the original sequence of values: variabfe called Iist stores this a a IL, and we 3, 2, make 11 following call: the l-ist. then it , doubLel.j'st O ; should 3, 2, store 1, L, the 3, 2, followinq 7] in size by having the original sequence values after the call: it has been doubled Notice that two times in a row. appearing about how many elements are in the Iist. You You may not make assumptions problem. If the may not call any methods of the class to solve this n nodes, then you shoul-d construct list contains exactly n nodes original You may not use any auxiliary data structures to to be added to the list. (no array, problem queue, String, Arraylist, etc) . Your stack, this solve list. method shoufd run in O(n) time where n is the number of nodes in'the ...
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