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Unformatted text preview: '7 . Write a method reverseHalf that reverses the order of half the elernents of a queue of integers. Your method should rewerse tbre order of aI]. the elements (position positions in odd-numbered L, 3, 5, etc) assuming that the first value in the queue has position 0. For the if the queue originally example, method is called: front it should front , store lL, 8, 7, 2, 9, 18, L2, values 2, L2, Bl 0] stores this sequence of integers when back after back (positions 0, 2, 4, 6) have not moved. the method finishes execut,ingr: the 0, 1, following 18, 9, Notice numbers that That subsequence of in even positions integers is sti1l: (1, 7, 9, rz',) But notice that the numbers in odd positj-ons in reverse relative order to the original. subsequence: (8, has 2, 18, o) (positions L, 3, 5, 1) are fn other words, the original now become: (o, 18, 2, 8) problern. to solve this the queue to modify. You should use a single stack as auxiliary storage parameter: Method reverseHalf shoul-d take a single 8. Write a method isPalindrome that takes a Queue of integers as a parameter whether or not tbe numbers in the gueue represent and that returns a (true palindrome if they do, false otherwise) A sequence of numbers is considered a palj-ndrome if it is the same in reverse For example, order. q stores suppose a Queue called this sequence of values: front Then the [3, 8, L7, 9, L7, 8, 3] back fol-Lowing call: (g) the same in reverse order. If ispatindrome should return E,he l istr h ad front the not caII the true because this sequence is i nstead s €-ered- t hese v aluesl-----8, !], 9, 4, I7, 8, 3l back [3, on isPalindrome same in reverse would instead return (the 9 and 4 in order false because this sequence the middl.e don't match). is The empty queue should be considered assumptions about how many elements restore the queue so that it stores call- as it did before. yiujr_g_tg u .2-e_qte_ql_e-qk a s a palindrome. You may not make any are in the queue and your method must the same sequence of values after t.he s toraqe t o_S_A_LVe_Lhis p roblem. a uxj-l_igrry ...
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