Section8Problems 1 - CSE143 Section 1 Consider the fol-l_owinq method x int y#8 problems public if int mysteryl(int(x< y ret.urn xi else return

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Unformatted text preview: CSE143 Section 1 . Consider the fol-l_owinq method: x, int y) #8 problems public if int mysteryl (int (x < y) ret.urn xi else return mysteryl { (x yr ) For each calr yl ; below, CaII (6, (14, (37, (8, (50, 13) 10) 10) 2') 7) indicate what Value val_ue is Returned returned: Method mysteryl mysteryl mysteryl mysteryl mysteryl 2. Consider the following method: public if voj_d mystery2 (int n) t (n <: 1) System. out.print (n) ; else { myste ry2 (n / 2) , tt + n); System.out.print(", ) below, indicate i For each callwhat output is produced by the method: Method CalI Output produced mystery2 (1) mysteryz (4) mystery2 (1-6l mystery2 (30) mystery2 (1OO) 3. Consider the foLLowing method: public if int mystery3 (int n) { (n < 0) -mystery3 (-n) return ; (n et-se if return n; el-se return mystery3(n / LO + n t 10); ) ...
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