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Unformatted text preview: . wri-te a method stutter that takes a stack containing a list of integers and that replaces every value in the stack with 2 of that value. For example, suppose a stack stores these values: bottom Then the [3, 1, L, 14, store J, I, 9] top these I, L4, va]-ues af ter 14, g, 9] the method terml-nates: stack [3, should 3, J, top Notice that you must preserve the original order. In the original list the 9 was at the top and wou.l-d have been popped f irst. rn the new stack the trwc 9's would be the first values popped from the stack. Your method is to take a parameter of type Stack<Integer>, lecture. Method stutter should take a single parameter: containing the List of integers to be stuttered. 9, Write a method countToBy that takes integer r rn, indicating how to count to ln znrd vr v au u c s o u t p u t example, Eo count, to 10 by 1 you'd say: countToBy which shouLd L, 2, 3, (10, 1); the 6, 7, following g, g, 10 the of following 4: call output: as described the stack in parameters n and m and that n in increments of m. For produce 4, 5, The increment does not indicates that we want countToBy which produces L, 5, g, (25, this 13, If, 4l ; have to be 1. For example, to count to 25 in increments output: 2I, 25 to start counting at 1. of 1 to m incl-usive. so with Z. So this calL: The f j.rst num.ber you instead count rt wil-l not always be possible should always be in the range to 30 by 4, you have to start countToBy (30, produces 2, this 6, 10, 4l ; if output: 14, 19, 22, 26, 3O Al-l output caLrs: should rt j-s possible appear on the that only same line. one number will be printed. For example, the forrowing // // O; // to to to complete complete countToBy (34, 5), System.out.println countToBy (3, 6) ; System.out.printfnO; countToBy (17 , 3) ; System.out.println shouLd 4, J O; the the lj-ne line 1ine of of of output output output compJ-ete the produce g, 5, L4, g, the Lg, 17, fol_Iowing 24, 74, 29, 77 34 output: 2, You must exactly reproduce the format shoul-d throw an rllegalArgumentException of the exampJ-es above. if eithei m or n is your method less than 1. ...
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