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Unformatted text preview: 10. Write a method printRange x and y and t.hat pri-nts that takes parameters integers sequential The f irst between x and y inclus j:ve. ha.l-f should be ( " > " ) separating printed with the greater-than consecut j-ve values. The second hal-f should be printed with the less-than character ("<') separating consecutive values. For example, the following call-s: (1, 9l; printRange System.out.prj-nt1nO; (8, 20) ; printRange System.out.println O; (-8, -8); printRange System.out.print:-n O; produce the // // // to to to complete the line line line of of of output output output . complet,e the complete the should following output: l>2>3>4>5<6<1<g<g B > 9 > 10 -8 Notice in the first that output, 5 is in the middle with the numbers befor= it separated by greater-than and the numbers after it separated by -l-ess-than. In the second output , L4 is in the middle with numbers before it by greater-than separated and numbers after it separated by Less-than. The third output has no separators because that range includes one number. When there are two values in the middle of the range, those shouJ-d be separated by a dash. For example, these call_s: (1, 10); printRange System.out.printlnO; (13, 14) , printRange System.out.pri-ntln O; should produce the followinq to to two values // // complete complete the the Iine line of of output output output: 1>2>3>4>5-6<1<g<g<10 13 14 You must exactly reproduce the throw an IllegalArgumentException 11. format of these examples. if x is greater than y. The method shoulc Write a method evens that takes an integer inraaar eormed by removing the odd digits EVENS EVENS parameter n and that returns from n. For exampl_e: th evens 8342116) returns 8426 4109) returns 4O 8) returns 8 even also -42 -60 are no even zeror ds in: digits other be negative, than zero as in: is passed to the If a negative number with method, the result should evens(-34512) returns evens (-163505) returns Any leading zeros digits than other in the result should be ignored and if there zero in the number, the method should return evens(3052) returns 2 evens(7010496) returns 46 evens (35179) returns 0 evens(5307) returns O evens(7) returns 0 ...
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