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ISSN 1000-9825, CODEN RUXUEW E-mail: jos@iscas.ac.cn Journal of Software , Vol.19, No.9, September 2008, pp.2422 2431 http://www.jos.org.cn DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1001.2008.02422 Tel/Fax: +86-10-62562563 © 2008 by Journal of Software . All rights reserved. 基于自适应周期的流言机制快速构建自组 Overlay 拓扑 + , , , 姜志宏 , ( 国防科学技术大学 信息系统与管理学院 , 湖南 长沙 410073) Enabling Quick Overlay Topology Construction Using Adaptive Cycle Gossip SUN Xiao + , WANG Hui, WANG Hao, JIANG Zhi-Hong, TAO Jun (College of Information Systems and Management, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha 410073, China) + Corresponding author: E-mail: xsunxiao@hotmail.com Sun X, Wang H, Wang H, Jiang ZH, Tao J. Enabling quick overlay topology construction using adaptive cycle gossip. Journal of Software , 2008,19(9):2422 2431. http://www.jos.org.cn/1000-9825/19/2422.htm Abstract : Based on previous observation, a dynamic adaptive cycle into gossip-based topology management is introduced to replace the traditional fixed cycle and a quick topology convergence method based on adaptive cycle is also proposed . In this method, those nodes featured with local topology stability send fewer gossip packets, while nodes in frequently changing environment send more packets. This dynamic adaptive method improves data exchange efficiency, saves network resources, enables faster local data exchange, and consequently speeds up the overall topology convergence. In detail, by using logistic curve as the basic control function of the adaptive cycle, rules for accidental events is defined accordingly. Simulation is presented to show the validity of this approach and that it is especially suitable for dynamic network environment. Key words : overlay; gossip; self-organization; converge; adaptive : 分析了 overlay 拓扑管理中流言机制的一般过程 , 发现固定周期的流言报文中存在的数据交换盲目性的 弊端 . 为此 , 引入动态的自适应周期来代替固定周期 , 使得局部拓扑稳定的节点较少发出流言报文 , 而局部拓扑动荡 的节点较多发出流言报文 . 这种方法提高了数据交换效率 , 节省了网络资源 , 允许在局部加快数据交换 , 从而提高拓 扑的整体收敛速度 . 通过仿真实例对该方法的有效性进行了验证 , 并证实该方法在动态网络环境中尤其适用 . 关键词 : overlay; 流言 ; 自组织 ; 收敛速度 ; 自适应 中图法分类号 : TP393 文献标识码 : A 当代互联网络规模巨大、组成复杂、拓扑结构动态性加强 , 造成整个网络的可靠性降低 , 不可预见的网络 故障随时都有可能发生 , 已经接近传统技术所能有效管理的极限 . 反观生物、社会等自然网络系统 , 具有更大的 复杂性 , 在面对自然灾难和突发事件时 , 却表现出很强的适应性 .
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20080923 - ISSN 1000-9825, CODEN RUXUEW Journal of...

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