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#ifndef _GF_H #define _GF_H # #include "ip.h" #include "main.h" #include "nwcommon.h" # typedef struct GF_NT_entry { NODE_ADDR neighborID; GlomoCoordinates neighborPosition; BOOL refreshStatus; BOOL neighborStatus; struct GF_NT_entry *next; } GF_NT_ENTRY; } typedef struct { GF_NT_ENTRY *head; int size; } GF_NT; } typedef struct GF_LOCATION_SERVICE_entry { NODE_ADDR nodeAddr; GlomoCoordinates position; struct GF_LOCATION_SERVICE_entry *next; } GF_LOCATION_SERVICE_ENTRY; } typedef struct { GF_LOCATION_SERVICE_ENTRY *head; int size; } GF_LOCATION_SERVICE_TABLE; } typedef enum { GF_PACKET_TYPE_BEACON } GF_PACKET_TYPE; } typedef struct { GF_PACKET_TYPE packetType; NODE_ADDR nodeID; GlomoCoordinates nodePosition; } GF_BEACON_PACKET; } typedef struct{ int packet_send; int packet_recv; int numOfBeaconPkts; } GF_STATS; } typedef struct { t GF_NT nt; NODE_ADDR nodeID; GlomoCoordinates nodePosition; int seqNO; clocktype beacon_interval; GF_STATS stats; int SenderSeqNO; int numBeacons; } GlomoRoutingGF; } void RoutingGFInit(GlomoNode *node,
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