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CSCEC 489/689 Special Topics in Wireless Networks HW#2. Due October 1st , before class starts a) Goal: In this assignment you will implement a routing protocol (Geographic Forwarding – GF) in GloMoSim. Geographic Forwarding (GF) is a greedy routing protocol. GF assumes that each nodes knows each location. When a node M [located at (x M , y M )] receives a packet for node D [located at (x D , y D )], node M will route this packet to its neighbor N i [located at (x Ni , y Ni )] for which the distance d((x Ni , y Ni ) to (x D , y D )) is the smallest among all nodes M neighbors (indexed by i). In this assignment you simply implement the GF protocol based on the skeleton code provided (GF.h, GF.pc, and app.conf) Hint : before starting implementing the missing parts in GF.pc, make sure that you can compile GF into glomosim (yes, even in its incomplete form, it should compile, but obviously not execute
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Unformatted text preview: correctly). There are several files that need minor modifications for adding a new protocol to glomosim (i.e., nwip.pc, structmsg.h, etc.). Hence: 1) Read the GloMoSim manual for how to add a new protocol. 2) Make these minor modifications to .h and .pc files. 3) Compile successfully glomosim. 4) Start implementing GF. Performance Evaluation: There is no performance evaluation for this first part of the assignment. In your report, simply indicate the routing path (IDs and location of routing nodes) that the packet followed in Glomosim. What to turn in ( email before the deadline): 1) Compress in a single .zip file: all relevant simulator files (i.e., files that you changed, .pc, .h or configuration files) and the report (Word or pdf) for part a) and possibly b). Email me the compressed file....
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