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But I do want to give you a heads up on the Breslaw reading. The first three chapters (Part I) focus largely on Tituba’s experience as a slave in the greater Atlantic World. Although this might give some context for slavery in the British North American colonies, you may safely skim or even skip most of it (though again it might help you grasp the experience of slaves generally). You should pick up the story with Samuel Parris’s purchase of Tituba at the end of Chapter 3— beginning with page 58. Chapter Four is particularly good for its discussion of slavery in Massachusetts and in particular the way in which Indians—slave and free—were treated in this Puritan colony Chapter Five gives you the events leading up to the “outbreak”, but pay attention to the way in which witchcraft was part of reality for Puritans and others in the Atlantic world. Also pay attention to her argument at the end of the chapter about how the witchcraft crisis was a by-product of tensions in the Puritan world in the 1690s and the way it almost
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