BME junior design HW 3

BME junior design HW 3 - Design One In this design I...

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Design One: In this design, I picture a box with a small door into it. The box is baited with something on the inside to attract the mice in. The small door would be a one way door, which would act something like a ratchet, only letting movement occur in one direction. The goal of this device is to keep mice alive, but at the same time make sure they can be easily removed. The device would probably only be useful in catching one mouse at a time since any rodents inside the trap would probably discourage other rodents from coming near. Although it is also possible that the opposite could happen. I have made fish and crayfish traps in a similar manner, in which they swim in a net that gets narrow towards the interior of the net, and they are unable to get back out. It almost seems like the fish draw other fish. Research would have to be done to find out if rodents would attract more rodents. Perhaps if they were more comfortable in their environment others would come, which gives incentive to leave plenty of food and nesting materials within
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BME junior design HW 3 - Design One In this design I...

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