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APPL 400 HW - change to 1 and the number of spreaders will...

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The problem with the logic that we wrote in the code was that nothing happens unless individual (i) is a rumor spreader. individual i is chosen from a population of spreaders which is not very realistic. The problem with this is that when indiv(i)= 0 and or 1, individual(j) can still have an affect that is not accounted for in the equation. So we had to consider the cases when individual i = 0, and individual j = 1, in which case i will
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Unformatted text preview: change to 1 and the number of spreaders will increase and the number of ignorants will decrease. In the case where i=2 and j=1, j will change to 2 and the number of stiflers will increase by 1 and the number of spreaders will decrease by 1. With this brought into consideration, the new code functions much better....
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