bohlen exp. 6

bohlen exp. 6 - Experiment 6 – Spectroscopy Date Stamp...

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Unformatted text preview: Experiment 6 – Spectroscopy Date Stamp Name Peter Bohlen Lab Day and Time Monday 1pm TA Ioana Rus Section 402 Documentation Experiment 6 Spectroscopy pdf, Bridgette M. Possible Points Points Received Introduction 10 • Purpose of report • Goals of the experiment Materials and Methods 20 • Reference lab manual • Described procedure for building spectroscope • Described deviations from the procedure Results and Discussion 35 • Inserted titles for tables • Inserted graphs into template • Inserted captions for each graph • Showed complete sample calculations • Summarized all data in tables • Answered questions completely • Error analysis Homework Questions 15 Laboratory Technique 20 TOTAL (100) TA Comments/Suggestions: C HEMISTRY 11L R EPORT T EMPLATE EXPT. Spectroscopy 6 Introduction The purpose of this report is to inform readers of the methods and results of the spectroscopy experiment. The purpose of the experiment was to create a simple yet accurate spectrometer, and then to use this spectrometer to view and compare different continuous emission sources. Other objectives are to obtain atomic line from light that is emitted from a hydrogen discharge tube, and to calculate the photon wavelengths to find the frequencies and energies of the line spectra data. This is significant because we are trying to learn more about wavelengths and their relationship to the bohr model. Materials and Methods The procedure for this experiment was taken from Experiment 6, Spectroscopy lab. A pizza box was used as the framework for the spectrometer device. A hole was cut in one end, large enough to view through, and at the other end a small slit large enough to let a small amount of light enter. A piece of graph paper with numbers for reference was then placed into the end by the slit, as a reference for finding the distance of the wavelengths. Any openings letting light in were then taped off. A piece of diffraction grating was then placed over the viewing hole. The spectrometer was then pointed at a light source, and grating was then placed over the viewing hole....
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bohlen exp. 6 - Experiment 6 – Spectroscopy Date Stamp...

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