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Assignment # (Lab 2) Name: Peter Bohlen Due Date: Sept 12. COMP 110-001, Fall 2008 Instructor: Qi Zhang -Is this lab difficult for you? This lab was more difficult than lab 1 but I did manage to figure everything out How much time did it take you to finish this lab (the class time is not counted), Αβουτ αν εξτρα ηουρ ανδ α ηαλφουτσιδε οφ χλασσ Are the lectures difficult for you? Yes, so far they are hard for me to follow.
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Unformatted text preview: Do you feel that the content covered in each lecture is too much or too less? Ι φεελ λικε τοο μυχη ισχοωερεδ τοο φαστ. .. Any suggestions? (anything you might have in mind) I feel like if you showed more examples of strings in the lectures and examples of how the programs work (by actually running the program) it would make class much more useful to me....
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