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Peter Bohlen Ben Sammons English 101 October 3 2006 The Irresponsibility’s of Under Aged Drinking Did you know that use of alcohol is associated with the leading causes of death and injury among teenagers and young adults? Two of the most compelling arguments against underage drinking include increased risk of death or injury caused by the decreased responsibility in teens, and physiological and physical damage. These two cases present more than sufficient evidence against underage students abusing alcohol. In our societies today, alcohol is widely available for underage people and the illegal buying and selling of alcohol leads to irresponsible students. Underage drinking causes students to lose important brain processes which lead to irresponsible choices, which can lead to life changing incidents. Life changing incidents from underage drinking can be as small as a new tattoo to something as large as losing a best friend, or even your own life. When underage people have too much alcohol, many negative effects can occur. These effects include drowsiness, altered emotions, vomiting, breathing difficulties, unconsciousness, and even comas in some cases (Neuroscience). Not only are there short term effects, but there are also long term effects that must be considered, including liver problems and alcoholism. Because of the short term
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Feeder 2.2 portfolio - Bohlen 1 Peter Bohlen Ben Sammons...

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