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General Strategy

General Strategy - Peter Bohlen III General Strategy Due to...

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Peter Bohlen III. General Strategy Due to lack of advertising in the past, Chuck E Cheese has lost many of its potential customers. In order to increase revenue, we must reach out to new demographics and show people what Chuck E. Cheese’s has to offer. As a Family Fun Center, Chuck E. Cheese’s main target audiences are children and their parents. If we cannot attract the attention of both of these audiences, our advertisement campaign as a whole will be ineffective. If we do not make our Family Fun Center attractive to children, then they will not ask their parents to come. At the same time, if parents do not feel that we offer a safe and fun environment for their children, they will choose another venue to have their children’s parties and play dates. Therefore, our goal for this advertisement campaign is to find appealing commercials that will attract the attention of both parents and children. In order to attract children to Chuck E Cheese, we suggest that commercials be
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