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Magazine Comparison English Paper - Bohlen Peter Bohlen Ben...

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Bohlen Peter Bohlen Ben Sammons English 101 Sept. 18, 2006 Diversity through Writing Styles Dear Publisher, It has come to my attention that the two magazines In Touch and OK! have recently been criticized for publishing similar articles that cover the same subject matter. I feel that it is my duty to contradict these statements in order to convince you the publisher not to merge these magazines. It has come to my attention that these two magazines create two diverse discourse communities through their writing styles and subject matter within. OK! and In Touch are two gossip magazines that give common people a taste of stardom through one on one interviews and gossip style articles. These are both gossip weekly magazines that follow closely the lives of movie stars and other famous people. Upon first inspection, both magazines have their covers full of pictures of stars and couples and cover stories. In Touch features four cover articles, while the cover article of focus is “Will Another Baby Change Brad’s Mind?” In smaller font highlighted in red states that “Brad Wont get married!” The other cover stories include articles on Anna Nicole’s recent loss of her son, Owen Wilson and his love life, and most interestingly an article titled Britney’s Baby Drama. This story stands out because on the cover of OK! we find an article labeled “Brit & Kevin’s baby joy!”. It is clear already that there are diverse opinions of the writers of these two magazines. On the cover of OK! we also find the focused cover article on Nick Lachey and his girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo stating that they are ready to wed. The other cover articles include an article on famous people who are ready to get married and another article on Anna Nicole’s Recent Tragedy. Upon close inspection of the advertisements within the article, it is easy to see that two discourse communities are clear. The first two common makeup advertisements I came upon show a discourse community. In OK! the most common makeup advertisement is a Loreal advertisement, which features attractive women wearing mascara and attractive clothes and expensive looking jewelry. In In Touch however, there is a Maybelline advertisement which displays an average looking person that has a bit more makeup than usual. They play the woman off as attractive but in a modest and casual way. In comparing these two advertisements I have concluded that In Touch is directed to a more casual and modest crowd while OK! is directed for an upper class audience that prefers to feel good and look even better. Upon inspection of the editorials, it is also clear that there is a discourse community. The In Touch magazine displays letters from the readers on recent articles that give personalized opinions of different events in the celebrity world. Many of the articles include strong opinions that are often times biased and not necessarily accurate. In OK! magazine, the readers are polled on certain opinions, and the results are shown in graph
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Magazine Comparison English Paper - Bohlen Peter Bohlen Ben...

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