NC Fellows Application 06-07

NC Fellows Application 06-07 - NORTH CAROLINA FELLOWS...

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N ORTH C AROLINA F ELLOWS P ROGRAM University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill APPLICATION 2006-2007 INSTRUCTIONS : Give sufficient thought to each question and be candid and concise in your responses. There are no correct answers; write what you think and believe, rather than what you think the reviewers may like to read. Please refer to the checklist below before submitting. Have you: o limited responses to the spaces provided? o ensured that both copies are double-sided? o used a word processor to complete your application? o included your PID on both copies? o produced TWO copies of the application—one with demo-graphic information in the shaded area and one without? o made sure not to change the format of the application? FULL NAME __ ______________________________ PREFER TO BE CALLED ___________ ___________ EMAIL ADDRESS ___ ______________________________________ LOCAL PHONE NUMBER ________________ CAMPUS/LOCAL ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________________________________________ PERMANENT ADDRESS _______________________________________ PHONE NUMBER ___________________________ (Street) (City, State, Zip) HIGH SCHOOL ____________l_______________________________ DATE OF BIRTH ______________ ************************************************************************************************** PID NUMBER__712333599________________ PROSPECTIVE MAJOR______Biomedical Engineering/ Pre med__ 1. Describe your most meaningful leadership experience. Through the past 4 years I have been working with a group called Leaders Club. This is a Christian based organization through the YMCA where students interact with the community through volunteer activities and community service. The club does everything from watching children for parents at a safe and fun environment, to hosting a Middle school dance, to raise money for children to be sent to summer camps that they would normally not be able to afford. The last three years I have held a leadership position, starting as treasurer, then vice president, and currently I am a Senior leader, overseeing and helping out with the high school leaders club members. Through this club I discovered my passion for working with children, and decided that I wanted to be a pediatrician, so to me the experience has been very meaningful and rewarding. 2. Describe the strengths of your particular leadership style.
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NC Fellows Application 06-07 - NORTH CAROLINA FELLOWS...

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