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135: Social Psychology Section Midterm Review Phenomenology Exercise Terms & Concepts: Subjective construal What did you learn from reading your partner’s observations? Mindfulness Terms & Concepts: Concept of mind ful ness and its applications o Creating new categories o Recategorization Concept of mind less ness and its implications o Treating information as though it were context-free o Universal generalizations o Single perspectives Process vs. outcome orientations Premature cognitive commitment Studies:
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Unformatted text preview: • “Patient by any other name” study by Langer & Abelson, 1974 (p. 155-156) White Bears and Other Unwanted Thoughts Terms & Concepts: • Metacognition and cognition o Metalanguage and Object language (p. 48-49) • Techniques for effective suppression o Self-Distraction o Remote Control • Rebound effect Studies: • “Red Volkswagen” study (and the rebound effect) (p. 67-69) • “Contexts of suppression” study (p. 94-98) • “Bob Talbert Linked with Mafia” study (p.101-103)...
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