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Lab 3 Assignment - of a solution or its concentration when...

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Mihai Lucian Feraru 10/09/2009 Section C1 Assignment – Lab 3 Biological Molecules 1. In order to measure the protein concentration in this lab, we used biuret reagent. In the biuret method, the blue copper ion appears to bind to peptide bonds. 2. 3,5-dinitrosalicylic acid (DNS) was used to measure sugar concentration in this lab. DNS reacts with the carbonyl groups found in aldehydes and ketones. 3. CuAu = CsAs; Cu (0.35) = (1.8 mg/ml)(0.15); Cu = (1.8 mg/ml)(0.15) / (0.35); Cu = (0.27 mg/ml) / (0.35); Cu = 0.77 mg/ml; concentration for a solution with an absorption of 0.35. 4. Yes, patient 5’s urine appeared to contain hemoglobin. If time had permitted, the amounts of hemoglobin would have been compared in the Spectronic 20 colorimeter; the blank would have contained reagent and water; the standard would have contained a known amount of hemoglobin, reagent and water; the wavelength would be between 650 and 750. 5. What seemed most difficult to understand for me was calculating the absorbance
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Unformatted text preview: of a solution or its concentration when one or the other is known, and the absorbance and concentration of the standard are known. If the concentration of the standard is 2.3 mg/ml glucose and its absorbance is 0.23, what is the absorbance of a solution of glucose that has a concentration of 1.4 mg/ml glucose? CuAu = CsAs; (1.4 mg/ml) Au = (2.3 mg/ml) (0.23); Au = (0.529 mg/ml) / (1.4 mg/ml); Au = 0.37; 6. The proper citation for the textbook when cited within a report is: Solomon, Eldra P, Berg, Linda R., Martin, Diana W. 2007. Biology . Brooks/Cole-Thomson Learning, Belmont, CA. 7. The statement “The presence of hemoglobin is determined by examining the specimens in front of a blank sheet of white paper” would be found in the Materials and Methods section of the report. 8. The implications of the diagnostics for each patient can be found in the discussion and the abstract sections....
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Lab 3 Assignment - of a solution or its concentration when...

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