Lecture - Sep 14

Lecture - Sep 14 - Biology 9/14/09 The fazes of mitosis...

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Biology 9/14/09 The fazes of mitosis Interphase is not part of mitosis, but it is part of the cell. Prophase we talk about the cell as if it is a globe, with poles. the nucleolus will go away. The chromosome became a double structure length wise Their structure becomes evident. Chromosomes become shorter and thicker with a much more evident structure Chromosomes are made of chromatin + protein Sister chromatids. They have a centromere region, where sister chromatids adhere to one another They use a specific kind of glue that is sometimes sticky, and other times not. The kinetochores forms at the centromere and it binds to microtubules. A duplicated Chromosome - consists of a pair of sister chromatids containing identical DNA sequences - Sister centromeres - constricted regions - join sister chromatids to each other - sister kinetochores - each is a protein structure to which microtubules bind Metaphase - chromosomes align on cell’s midplane (metaphase plane) - mitotic spindle is complete - microtubules attach kinetochores of sister chromatids to opposite poles of cell Metaphase Each chromatid has its own kinetochore. what’s a microtubule organizing center (MTOC)? what kinds of cells have MTOC? Animal cells have centrioles. They are at each pole.
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Lecture - Sep 14 - Biology 9/14/09 The fazes of mitosis...

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