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Geomechanics 2 Civl 462 Tutorial Sheet - 4 1. A footing 3 x 3m is to be located at a depth of 1.5 m in a sand deposit, the water table being 3.5 m below the surface. Values of standard penetration resistance were determined as detailed in Table 1. Determine the allowable bearing capacity? (use γ = 17kN/m3 above the water table and γ sat = 19.8 kN/m3) 2. A fine sand deposit is saturated throughout with a unit weight of 20kN/m3. Ground water level is at a depth of 1 m below the surface. A standard penetration test carried out at a depth of 2 m gave an N value of 18. If the settlement is to be limited to not
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Unformatted text preview: more than 25 mm. determine an allowable bearing pressure value for a 2 m square foundation founded at a depth of 2 m. 3. A plate load test using a plate size of 30 x 30 cm was carried out at the level of a prototype foundation. The soil at the site was cohesion less with the water table at great depth. The plate settled by 10 mm at a load intensity of 160kN/m 2 . Determine the settlement of a square footing of size 2 x 2 m under the same load intensity. Depth (m) N 0.75 8 1.55 7 2.30 9 3.00 13 3.70 12 4.45 16 5.20 20...
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