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Geomechanics 2 Civl 462 Tutorial Sheet - 5 1. A reinforced concrete foundation of dimensions 20 m X 40 m exerts a uniform pressure of 200kPa on a semi infinite saturated soil (E=50 MPa). Determine the value of immediate settlement under the foundation. (assume µ=0.5). 2. The plan of a proposed soil heap is shown in Fig.1. The tip will be about 23 m high and will sit on a thick, soft alluvial deposit (E=15MPa). It is estimated that the eventual uniform bearing pressure on the soil will be about 300 kPa.
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Unformatted text preview: Estimate the immediate settlement under point A at the surface of the soil. (assume =0.5). 3. It is proposed to construct a reinforced concrete foundation, length 30 m and width 10 m on the top of the layer of clay of thickness 20 m which is having a saturated unit weight of 18.5kN/m3. The uniform foundation pressure = 200kPa. Determine the total settlement at the centre of the foundation (Assume E= 32.5 MPa; =0.5; m v = 7.6x10-5 m 2 /kN) 50 m 80 m 150 m 50 m A...
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