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Civl 462/909 Tutorial questions i) The back of a 10.7 m high wall slopes away from the soil it retains at an angle of 10º to the vertical. The surface of the soil slopes up from the top of the wall at a surcharge angle of 20°. The soil is cohesion less with a density of 17.6kN/m 3 and φ ’ = 33º. If the angle of wall friction δ ’=19°. Determine the total thrust on the wall using coulombs theory. ii) Details of the gravity retaining wall are shown in Fig. the unit weight of the wall material being 23.5kN/m 3 . The unit weight of the backfill is 18kN/m 3 and design values of the shear strength parameters are c’=0 and
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Unformatted text preview: φ = 33. The values of d between wall and backfill and between wall and foundation soil is 26º. The pressure on the foundation soil should not exceed 250kN/m 2 . Is the design of wall satisfactory? iii) A soil has the following properties: γ =18kN/m 3 ; φ ′=30º, c′=5kPa. The soil is retained behind a 6 m high vertical wall and has a horizontal surface level with the top of the wall. If c′ w = 5kPa and δ ′=15º, Determine the total active horizontal thrust acting on the back of the wall....
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