week 11 tut - base of the wall 5 m C’ = 0 φ = 20º γ =...

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Civl 462/909 Class 12: Tutorial questions I The soil conditions adjacent to a sheet pile wall are given in Fig. A surcharge pressure of 50kN/m 2 being carried on the surface behind the wall. For soil 1, a sand above the water table , c’=0; φ ’ =38 and γ = 18 kN/m 3 . For soil 2, a saturated clay c’ =10 kN/m 2 , φ = 28 and γ sat = 20 kN/m 3 . Plot the distribution of active pressure behind the wall and passive pressure in front of the wall. II A 10 m high retaining wall retains 5 m of clay which overlays 3 m of sand again which overlays 2 m if clay. the water table is at the surface of the retaining soil. Calculate the limiting active pressure immediately after construction III The soil profile acting against the back of a retaining wall is shown in Fig. assuming Rankine’s condition apply, determine the lateral earth pressure distribution and determine the magnitude of total thrust and express it as the distance from the
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Unformatted text preview: base of the wall 5 m C’ = 0 φ = 20º γ = 20 kN/m 3 c’ = 8 kPa; φ ’ = 23º γ = 18.5 kN/m 3 3 m Clay Sand 50 kN/m 2 6 m 3 m Soil 1 Soil 2 5 m C u = 20 kPa φ u = 5º γ sat = 15 kN/m 3 c’ = 0; φ ’ = 35º γ sat = 20 kN/m 3 3 m 2 m c u = 50 kPa; φ u = 0º γ sat =15 kN/m 3 Clay Sand Clay IV A vertical wall 6 m high above the water table, retains a 20º soil slope, the retained soil having a unit weight of 18kN/m3.; the appropriate shear strength parameters are c’=0 and φ ’ = 40 º. Determine the total active thrust on the wall. V Excavation was being carried out for a foundation in plastic clay with a unit weight of 22.5 kN/m 3 . Failure occurred when a depth of 8.10 was reached. What is the value of cohesion ( φ u = 0)....
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week 11 tut - base of the wall 5 m C’ = 0 φ = 20º γ =...

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