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MGMT 411 Fall 2009 1 MGMT 411 Homework 3 Due October 2, 2009 Time Yield Curve 1 0.04 2 0.05 3 0.06 4 0.07 5 0.08 1. Given the yield curve above, find the price of the following 2 bonds. Assume that all coupons/payments are annual. Bond A: 5% coupon, 3 year maturity, $1000 par value Bond B: 5 year $2000 mortgage with a 7% interest rate (Note: find the pmt first) 2. Find the yield to maturity, current yield and the discount/premium for each bond above. Comment on the usefulness of the current yield measure of Bond B. Is it useful? Why or why not? 3. Calculate Macaulay’s Duration and Modified Duration for each of the bonds above. Note the time to maturity for each bond and the par value of each bond. Which Bond has a higher Duration? How can this be? Explain. Additionally, use Modified Duration to calculate the new price for each bond that would result from a 3% drop or a 3% rise in respective yields. 4.
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