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TVM Solutions - A)956.77(N=30 I=8 PMT=37.5 FV=1000 and P/Y...

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1/1 Solutions Slide 10, A)25.95 B)3.86 C)25.89% D)24.16 years Slide 14, A) 159.37 B) 61.45 C)1.63 D)0.63 E)100 F) NA G)7.27 years H)99.90% Slide 16, A)418.75 B)446.99/324.10 with sign switch on PMT Slide 19 A)956.77 (N=30, I=8%, PMT=37.5, FV=1000 and P/Y
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Unformatted text preview: A)956.77 (N=30, I=8%, PMT=37.5, FV=1000 and P/Y set to 2) B)1228.65(N=240, I=5.75%, PV=175000, P/Y set to 12, FV=0) Slide 23, A)1215.65 B)1957.82 = 1215.65*(1.1)^5 Introduction Basics Caveats NPV...
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