032409homework - these terms up if you are not sure)?...

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Homework due 3/24/09 Name _______________________________________ 1. Draw diagrams to illustrate the key brain areas and how they interact in a) learning the positive hedonic value of a stimulus, b) learning the negative hedonic value of a stimulus, c) learning the positive consequences of one’s own behavior, and d) learning the negative consequences of one’s own behavior. Where does the “learning” (i.e. association) occur? Where are the memories for the learning stored? 2. What is the physical basis for the memories related to the learning that you described above. 3. What happened to Phineas Gage, What does his story tell us about the importance of the interconnections of the prefrontal cortex with other brain structures in human behavior? 4. How did removal of the frontal lobes (frontal lobotomy or lobectomy) change the behavior of Becky the chimpanzee?
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5. Who was Egas Moniz? How was he influenced by the experiment on Becky, the chimp? What are lobotomies, lobectomies and transorbital leucotomies (look
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Unformatted text preview: these terms up if you are not sure)? Explain how the latter psychosurgery was performed? What was it used for? How many people received this operation? 6. Are lobotomies or transorbital leucotomies performed anymore? What happened historically to change their usage? 7. Describe the older model of addiction which involved the concepts of tolerance and withdrawal. What compels the addict to continue taking the drug according to this model. 8. Which drugs fit the older model of addiction? Which drugs do not fit this pattern? Why don't the concepts of tolerance and withdrawal completely explain the cravings that drug abusers develop? How is this older model viewed nowadays as an explanation of chronic drug abuse? 9. What is the neurological basis for the dysphoric effects of withdrawal (feelings of being stressed, free-floating anxiety, and sympathetic arousal)? There are drugs that can minimize withdrawal symptoms. What do you think such a drug would do in the brain?...
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032409homework - these terms up if you are not sure)?...

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