040209homework - Homework due 4/2/09 Name _ 1. What...

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Homework due 4/2/09 Name _________________________________ 1. What structure is important in the consolidation of declarative memories? Is this structure involved in the consolidation of procedural memories? 2. How is procedural memory similar to and different from reference memory in terms of its subsystems and how the subsystems interact? (i.e. does short-term procedural memory have conscious awareness?) How do we know whether we possess a procedural memory if it can't be brought into conscious awareness? 3. How did Karl Lashley attempt to determine the site at which memories (engrams) were stored in association cortex? What were the general results of that work? What theory did he propose to explain his results? Why was his theory incorrect and what do we currently think about the storage of long-term reference memories? 4. What is consolidation. Describe the process that is involved in consolidating new information into long-term cognitive memory (that can be accessed later) and the various brain areas involved. Describe in your own words what is happening in your brain when you are learning new information and storing it in your long-
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040209homework - Homework due 4/2/09 Name _ 1. What...

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