040909homework - Homework due 4/9/09 Name...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework due 4/9/09 Name _______________________________ 1. If LTP is the basis for the formation of long-term relational memories in the association cortex, how would this LTP likely differ from that which occurs in the hippocampus? 2. What percentage of people will show cognitive impairment with aging? What is the likelihood of further impairment with increasing age? What are the societal implications (both financial and emotional) of this problem? 3. What do we anticipate will happen to the incidence of Alzheimer's Disease in the population at large if new advances in treatment are not developed? For what reasons do we expect this? 4. Describe the progression of cognitive, psychiatric, and bodily symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease. What causes them? 5. How can brain scans (PET and MRI) help determine whether a person has Alzheimer's Disease or some other senile dementia that has similar cognitive/psychological symptoms? Why is it important to make this determination as soon as possible? determination as soon as possible?...
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040909homework - Homework due 4/9/09 Name...

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