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Unformatted text preview: onse. 8. What are cAMP, CREB, tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal? Describe how drug-induced changes in the amounts of cAMP and CREB inside nucleus accumbens neurons are thought to underly tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal. What is dynorphin and what role does it play? How long-lasting are these effects? 9. Increased levels of what protein are thought to underlay the long-term cravings (sensitization) that persist long after drug use is stopped? What evidence from mice supports this contention? 10. What is thought to underlay the cravings that persist even after delta FosB levels have returned to normal? Describe how changes in glutamate signaling might be involved. 11. What are some of the medical costs caused by the presence of drug addicts? What are the overall societal costs of drug abuse (in terms of $ in the US)? 12. Describe some of the current treatments for drug addicts. How successful are they? 13. Based upon principles in this paper describe some of the theoretical manipulations that we might make to help drug addicts to deal with their drug cravings. Can you see any potential problems in applying these principles?...
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