042109homework - genes are involved What is actually...

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Homework due 4/21/09 Name _____________________________ 1. What is the difference between a neurosis and a psychosis? What is insanity? What does the term schizophrenia really mean (what doesn’t it mean?)? What is dementia praecox and what is its etymology? 2. Describe the three classification schemes that have been used for schizophrenia? For what is each most useful? 3. Based upon what you've learned in this course about which parts of the brain do what, speculate on the brain areas (or circuits) likely account for the various positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. 4. Summarize the current thinking on the genetic basis of schizophrenia. How many
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Unformatted text preview: genes are involved? What is actually inherited? What is a schizoid personality? 5. Describe the "taraxein" theory of schizophrenia? Do we currently subscribe to it? 6. What does the word "psychotogen" mean? Try to figure it out from its Latin roots since you likely won't find it in a dictionary. Describe the endogenous psychotogen theory? Any evidence? 7. What are the 3 dopamine pathways in the brain. Where do they originate, where do they project, what function do they serve? 8. What evidence do we have that a major problem in schizophrenia is hyperactivity in dopamine synapses in the brain?...
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042109homework - genes are involved What is actually...

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