082808homework - 6 Explain how slime mold...

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Homework due 8/28/08 Name _________________________ 1. What edition of our text is the appropriate one for the course? What "bad" things do you suppose might happen if you use the first or second edition? 2. How are you evaluated in this course and how are the components weighted? 3. What kinds of sensory, motor, and integrative (learning) capabilities does a single-celled organism possess? How does it do these things? 4. What factors favored the evolution of multi-celled organisms from single- celled organisms? 5. What problem had to be overcome before multi-celled organisms could evolve? How was this initially accomplished? What problems did this "solution" present to the evolution of large multicellular organisms?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Explain how slime mold ontogeny (development) recapitulates these evolutionary processes 7. What communication system made the evolution of large, rapidly behaving, multicellular organisms possible. 8. What was the nervous system originally designed to do? What else can it do now? 9. Describe the different parts of the nervous system and what they do (CNS, parts of the sensory PNS, and parts of the motor PNS). What is the purpose of the endocrine system? How does it differ in function from the motor PNS? 10. Describe the different types of communication that occur between cells (both within and between organisms). How does that relate to the subject matter of Bios 177, 276 and 382?...
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082808homework - 6 Explain how slime mold...

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