091108homework - Lecture homework due 9/13/07 Name _ 1....

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Lecture homework due 9/13/07 Name ___________________________ 1. What are the 6 types of postsynaptic membranes that receive input from axons and what are each of these 6 types of synapses called? Is the chemical messenger a neurotransmitter in every case? Explain. 2. What are Gray's Type I and Gray's Type II synapses and what are their significance for information transmission (look in book)? 3. What are the six classes of neurotransmitters, what percentage of synapses in the brain utilize these neurotransmitters? What kind of synaptic vesicle are they packaged in? 4. Why do we know so much more about the classical neurotransmitters, particularly when they are utilized in only a small fraction of the synapses of the brain. 5. What is Dale's Law? Under what circumstances is it correct? When is it incorrect? 6. Where do modified AA neurotransmitters come from? Start with eating some protein. How and where are they synthesized? For what two reasons is it critical that they be stored in vesicles? How does a synaptic vesicle take up the transmitter substance. How is the activity of the modified AA transmitter on the postsynaptic membrane terminated
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7. Where do AA neurotransmitters come from?
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091108homework - Lecture homework due 9/13/07 Name _ 1....

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