092308neurondoctrine - given in class for this type of...

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Homework due 9/23/08 Name __________________________________________ Fields, R. D. (2006). Beyond the Neuron Doctrine. Scientific American Mind. 20-27 1. What is the neuron doctrine? What Nobel Laureate is credited with formulating this doctrine? What other Nobel Laureate (who jointly received the Nobel Prize) was his main adversary? What alternative perspective did the latter advocate? 2. How have these 2 theories stood up to electrophysiological and electron microscopy evidence? 3. Describe how action potentials encode information? Why is it that the same firing rate at different times may encode very different sensation intensities? 4. What is an interneuron? How many are there? Do they all generate action potentials? What function do they serve? 5. Describe two unusual events that have recently been discovered in the dendrites of SOME neurons? What is ectopic neurotransmitter release (what term was
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Unformatted text preview: given in class for this type of chemical communication between cells)? Why do these findings suggest that dendrites are more than just passive “antennae”? 6. What is the ratio of glia cells to neurons in the brain. Glia cells can influence the distribution of what important extracellular chemicals critical for neuronal signaling? What is the chemical messenger that glia use to communicate with each other? What are some of the outcomes of glia signaling upon brain function? 7. How do the brain waves of humans and other animals differ? What pattern of firing causes these differences in brain waves? What migith be contributing to the coordination (synchronous firing) in the human brain? What does this suggest about why the human brain can engage in much more complicated information processing than other animals....
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092308neurondoctrine - given in class for this type of...

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