093008homework - Homework due 9/30/08 Name

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Unformatted text preview: Homework due 9/30/08 Name ___________________________________ 1. Show schematically how a primitive vertebrate brain (fish brain) was transformed into a human brain during the course of evolution by drawing a reptile brain, a quadruped mammalian brain, and a human brain. Explain what happened to the vertebrate brain on each of these evolutionary steps leading to the human brain. 2. What do the following terms mean in relation to the human cortex: sulcus, gyrus, contralateral, bilateral 3. Why is the human brain so convoluted (folded in on top of itself)? Describe how postmortem examinations helped early neuroscientists to understand which parts of the cortex controlled which functions. How did Paul Broca contribute to our understanding of cortical functioning? What kinds of brain maps (in terms of resolution) were possible with these techniques? 4. Describe how Wilder Penfield used electrical stimulation to treat focal epilepsy....
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093008homework - Homework due 9/30/08 Name

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