Midterm 2 Sample questions

Midterm 2 Sample questions - What are the three underlying...

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Midterm 2 will have A section of one point questions like those below (I may yet decide to make these multiple choice answers). BRING A LARGE GRAY SCANTRON FOR THESE QUESTIONS Thinking globally, what has been the major driving force behind land use and land cover change since 1972? [ 1 point ] Approximately what percentage of forests in the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii) are administered by the federal agencies of the US Forest Service (USFS) and the Bureau of Land Management? [ 1 point ] What was the first city to reach 10 million inhabitants? [ 1 point ] A section of short answer question with variable numbers of points. The number of points indicate the numbers of points you need to make in the answer or the length of answers
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Unformatted text preview: What are the three underlying drivers that have recently determined change in farming systems and croplands in the USA? [ 3 points ] Differentiate between land use and land cover. [ 2 points ] According to Lewis Wirth, what are the four characteristics of urban areas/cities [ 4 points ] UNEP (2003) argues 17% of land shows signs of human-caused degradation. What are 5 main causes of land degradation? What proportion of degraded land can be attributed to each of these causes? [ 5 points ] Cause Proportion (%) On the map below locate the main parts of Texas where wind erosion is a major soil degradation issue on farmland and rangeland. [ 2 points ]...
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Midterm 2 Sample questions - What are the three underlying...

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