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2nd exam - study guide

2nd exam - study guide - Be certain that you know the...

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Be certain that you know the following Confucious – wanted to restore the idealized form of feudalism; believe to be agnostic/atheist, named Kung -16 th century B.C.E. (551 B.C.E.) in the state of Lu, book Analects of Confucius. Prayer to the spirits should not interfere with one’s proper social duties, respect them but keep them at distance. He developed a system of ethics, a theory of government and a set of personal and social goals. He believed that people can become superior and good if they follow the li and jen (love and consideration) principles and if there is a good government. Propriety – li, also rites, ceremony courtesy. The course of life as it is intended to go – society moves smoothly men respect they elders and superiors, the proper rituals and ceremonies are performed, everything and everyone is in its proper place. Also an idealized form of feudalistic government. Five most important relationships in Confucian system: father (kindness) – son (filial piety);
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