exam 1 2005 - 1 PH 132 Exam 1 Spring 2005 Student

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Unformatted text preview: 1 PH 132 Exam 1 Spring 2005 Student Name____________________________________________________ Student Number__________________________________________________ Lab/Recitation Section Number______________________________(11,…,34) Instructions: 1. Fill out all of the information requested above. Write your name on each page. 2. Clearly indicate your final answers for all multiple-choice questions in the space provided. 3. Present neat and orderly solutions to each problem. Clearly indicate your method of solution by including equations used for each part. Final answers should be circled or boxed . 4. Be sure to include appropriate units with all answers. 5. The magnitude of the electric field at a distance r above the midpoint of a finite line of total charge q + and length L is: ( ) 2 1 2 2 4 2 r L r kq E + = r E q L Multiple Choice________ Problem 1_____________ Problem 2_____________ Total _________________ 2 Multiple Choice (2 pts. each) 1) Two point charges 1 q (positive) and 2 q (negative) are separated by a distance d . A third point charge Q (negative) is located a distance d/2 to the left of the first charge, as shown. If the net electrostatic force on the third charge is zero, then the magnitudes of the first two charges must be related according to: a 1 q + 2 q a/2 Q A) 1 2 2 q q = , B) 1 2 3 q q = , C) 1 2 4 q q = , D) 1 2 9 q q = . Answer__________ 2) A positively charged ball is brought close to (but does not touch) the left side of a neutral isolated conducting sphere. The conducting sphere is then grounded on the right side while the ball is kept...
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exam 1 2005 - 1 PH 132 Exam 1 Spring 2005 Student

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