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1 Philosophy 220A: Symbolic Logic I Department of Philosophy University of British Columbia Instructor: Richard Johns Problem Set 1 Hand in answers to the following questions, at the start of class on Thursday, September 17. We’re not using the Grade Grinder service, so hand everything in on paper. In general we will not cover everything in class, so be sure to read the relevant sections of the textbook to learn the material you need. 1 . In each of the following sentences, underline every occurrence of a proper name (i.e. individual constant, or singular term). If there are functions, i.e. names within names, then some parts of the sentence will be double (even triple) underlined. Also, if any occurrence of the word „is‟ expresses identity, then write the „=‟ symbol above it. Further, if any sentence is not atomic, then highlight all atomic sentences within it. (Note that a sentence might have none of these things!) (i) Janet is my cousin. (ii) Rick Mercer is the funniest Canadian right now. (iii) Alan‟s mother is taller than his father. (iv) If Dick shaves himself, then he needs to get a new razor. (v) When the price of a commodity increases, consumption of it falls. (vi)
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ps1 - Philosophy 220A Symbolic Logic I Department of...

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