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1 BIOLOGY 112 PRACTICE (FINAL) EXAMINATION 2008 T2 Time allowed: 2.5 hr There are 43 Multiple choice questions on 14 pages (including this cover) You are allowed to bring in one 8 x 11 inch review sheet – you can use both sides of the paper. You cannot have additional papers taped or stapled to it. You can write or type your notes on the page. You should try to do the practice exam as if it were a real exam. Please read the information below – it will be on the cover of your real final exam. READ THIS! FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAN DELAY THE GRADING OF YOUR EXAM A. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS: On the computer answer sheet, in PENCIL , fill in the bubbles for your name (Last name FIRST, First name LAST ) 8 digit student number. Other student information is NOT required. Turn the computer answer sheet 90 o . IN INK , sign the computer answer sheet in the spaces provided. Record all multiple choice responses IN PENCIL on the computer answer sheet — NOT on the question paper. All single multiple choice responses have ONE BEST answer. Point values vary with the response. Students MUST record their multiple choice responses onto their computer sheet during the time allowed for the exam. NO writing will be permitted after the time allowed for the exam has expired. NO appeals will be considered. B. RETURN OF THE QUESTION PAPER The question paper MUST be returned with the answer sheets. Answer sheets without a question paper will NOT be graded. In this regard, students are STRONGLY CAUTIONED to guard against theft of their question paper by other students. NO appeal relating to loss of a question paper by theft will be considered. C. STUDENT QUESTIONS The invigilators will NOT answer any clarifying questions during the exam. Students must interpret and answer each question on their own. This policy ensures that those students writing in a room not staffed by knowledgeable personal will not be disadvantaged relative to other students.
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2 FACULTY OF SCIENCE RULES GOVERNING FORMAL EXAMINATIONS #1. Each candidate must be prepared to produce, upon request, a Library/AMS card for identification. #2. Candidates are not permitted to ask questions of the invigilators, except in cases of supposed errors or ambiguities in examination questions. #3. No candidate shall be permitted to enter the examination room after the expiration of one-half hour from the scheduled starting time, or to leave during the first half hour of the examination. #4. Candidates suspected of any of the following, or similar, dishonest practices shall be immediately dismissed from the examination and shall be liable to disciplinary action: • Having at the place of writing any books, papers or memoranda, calculators, computers, audio or video cassette players or other memory aid devices, other than those authorized by the examiners. • Speaking or communicating with other candidates
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Practice%20final%20112T2Posted - 1 BIOLOGY 112...

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