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Geography 102 Weather Project-1 WEATHER PROJECT O BJECTIVES Make some simple weather-related observations over a period of four days Become familiar with available web-based weather products Gain experience in analyzing atmospheric conditions Create a time series graph of select atmospheric variables (meteogram) O VERVIEW From February 9 – 12 (inclusive) you will conduct a weather observation project during which you will describe and account for the weather observed in the Vancouver region. To do so, you’ll employ a variety of tools, including web-based weather products, personal observations, and concepts learned in lecture and lab. This project is designed to give you experience in the following elements: collecting your own data; rationalizing your collected data; dealing with data-set problems; describing and analyzing data; and interpreting a variety of data sources into a concise written report which explains the observed data in terms of the synoptic and local weather conditions. D ATA C OLLECTION There are three primary data sources that will be used to characterize and understand Vancouver weather over the four-day project period: 1) A personal log of observed weather conditions, 2) surface weather maps from Environment Canada and 3) online weather data from the Vancouver International Airport. Data sources 2 and 3 are web-
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G102_Weather_ProjectW08 - Geography 102 Weather Project-1...

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