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Changing of the guard Text – Chapter 17 to 20 and 45 to 47 – text books in Taylor Library (2-hr loan) Readings Suggested preparation and background Assigned testable even if not covered in lecture posted in class, WebCT announcement Lectures - main source on WebCT (pub labs) Oct Test - Saturday, Oct 31, 7:00 pm - lectures, Sep 10 to Oct 26 Review – Thu, Oct 29, 5:30 pm NCB 113 Dan Lajoie NCB 301 Mon-Wed, 12:30-3:00 pm dlajoie@uwo.ca Tentative Lecture Topics Oct 20 Hardy-Weinberg (Chap 17) Oct 27 Microevolution (Chap 17, 18) Nov 03 Natural selection (Chap 18, 19) Nov 10 Macroevolution (Chap 19, 20) Nov 17 Population ecology (Chap 45) Nov 24 Community ecology (Chap 46, 47) Dec 01 Ecosystems, Biosphere (Chap 46, 47) Dec 11 Dec 11 -22 22 Dec Exam Period Dec Exam Period Do not plan travel within these dates. E & E Summary Evolution
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Historical aspects Early philosophers - fixed species Linnaeus - classification scheme (1750’s) - fixed species Cuvier - stratification in rock (1800’s) - fossil records, fixed species Lamarck - fossils show evolutionary descent (1800’s) - acquired characteristics Malthus - population growth (1800’s) - resource limitations Darwin - descent with modification (1850’s) - natural selection Evolution Darwin’s Five Observations 1) more young are produced than survive 2) individuals vary in their characteristics 3) some characteristics are better than others 4) these characteristics are inheritable 5) long periods of time are available Natural selection - nonrandom reproduction - not “survival of the fittest” NeoDarwinian ideas “Survival of the fittest” is not the whole story.
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1.H-W.Post3 - Changing of the guard Dan Lajoie NCB 301...

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