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Chris Heaton NUT2040 Project 1 1.) Yes, i have emailed the required reports to my teacher by the due date. 2.) While examining the Mypyrimind report generated by thins program, it is clear that I am not getting the reccomended grains into my diet. It is reccomended is to eat about 10 grams of grains a day. I finished my three days with a average of 6.1 grams of grains a day or 61% of the reccomened. Most of this is from popcorn, as I love my popcorn, but this still proves not to be enough. Now that i know my diet has a deffeciency in this area I will be more conceous about getting grains into my diet regulary. 3.)The fruit category is also showing that, along with grains, my diet has a fruit defeoncency as well. It is reccomended that one eats at least 2.5 cups of sugar everyday. Even after my fruit smoothies and apples at school, I still only ate an average of 1.3 cups of fruit a day, which was only 53% of the recomendation. This is an area that I shouldnt have a problem filling up since fruits are my favorite food. 4.)My meat and beans food group exceded the recomendations. Of the 7.0 oz of meat and beans that one should eat, i consumed 12 oz, or 175% of the total reccomended. If I would cut back on my meat and beans, I would be able to fill up more of my daily groups without consuming to many calories. Even though its going to be hard to say no to that big juicy steak, just so i could get my grains! 5.)Milk and dairy is an area with another defeieny in my diet. Of the 3 cups recomended i consumed 1.5 or 50%. As a kid growing up I never really enjoyed drinking milk, this however has recently changed. I found that milk wasnt as bad tasting as I thought, and since than I try to have
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Document - Chris Heaton NUT2040 Project 1 1.) Yes, i have...

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