mickey2 - sure he even knew why he was chasing them either....

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Mike Heaton Eng 121-001 Reney Lordich 28 August 2009 The Chase I thought that this story was kind of funny. It reminded me of something that I would have done as a kid. I was like those kids in the story. I was always outside playing and getting into trouble. I remember one time my friend Kenneth and I were playing and we decided to get some water balloons to throw at cars. The first car to drive by was a UPS truck. We threw two balloons at him and he slammed on his break and gave us a mean stare. At least the UPS truck driver held himself together better than the guy in the story. We thought that it made it even funnier that he stopped and gave us a mean look. I’m not sure why that guy chased after those kids in the story, and I’m not
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Unformatted text preview: sure he even knew why he was chasing them either. I think that all that guy was focused on was catching them no matter how far he had to run. I think that more than anything he was trying to scare the kids so that they wouldnt throw snowballs at him anymore. This could have worked or it might have just made the kids focus on him more because they knew it really made him mad. I think that that is funny that they took him as far away from his car that they could. If that guy doesnt know the area he probably had to re-trace his steps all the way back to his car. I really think that I relate to those kids in the story....
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