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Mike Heaton Chap. 10 ex 7,10,14,27, prob. 5 7. A. When fireworks explode the specific path fallowed by each fragment is they all shoot outward from the central explosion at the same velocity and they all are accelerated down towards the center of the earth at 10m/s. B. If there was no gravity all the fragments would shoot away from the central explosion at a constant speed forever. 10. Yes all bullets will drop equal distances in equal times. This is true no matter how fast they are moving. The high power rifle will travel a greater distance than a normal gun in the same time but they will drop the same distance. They drop at 10m/s towards the center of the earth. 14. Yes the monkey will be hit because if he was aiming right at him and the monkey lets go of the
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Unformatted text preview: branch at the same time than both the monkey and the bullet will travel at 10m/s towards the center of the earth. 27. The reason why a satellite can orbit the moon at 5km above the surface and it cant on the earth is because the earth has more mass than the moon which gives it a greater gravitational field. Trying to orbit the earth at 5km would lead to the satellite coming crashing down. 5. In order for them to reach the pool 20 ft. away they would need to jump no less than 5m/s. they will be in freefall for four seconds before they hit the pool, if they can jump that fast....
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