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Mike Heaton Eng121-001 Reney Lordich 01 September 2009 Shame While I was reading this story I felt bad for that little boy and how he said he never felt shame until he went to school. I thought that it was horrible for the teacher to put him in the “idiot’s seat” in the back of the room with the circle drawn around it. To me it seemed like the teacher didn’t want to do anything to try and help him learn because he was on welfare. She figured that he was stooped and she was already helping him enough by collecting welfare money. The teacher didn’t want anything to do with him so she just ignored him. This little boy was just trying to do his best by going to school, making a few dollars in his spare time by shining shoes, and then washing his only pair of cloths each night just so that he might impress Helene Tucker, the girl he likes. Then that day that the teacher was collecting money and he
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Unformatted text preview: decided that he would say that his dad gave him 15 dollars to donate to try and impress Helene, and the teacher said you don’t have a dad and if you did he wouldn’t have 15 dollars to donate because we are collecting this money for people on welfare like you. This crushed the little boy, he had worked so hard for that 15 dollars and he just wanted to give something back to try and impress Helene but the teacher totally humiliated him in front of everybody. After that he felt shame everywhere. He hated having to wear the one plad jacket that all the people on welfare had. He finally had enough of the jacket and threw it away on the other street. He never even thought about that until the teacher crushed his spirit....
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