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Mikey2 - quit so that she didn’t have to get all that...

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Mike Heaton Eng 121-001 Reney Lordich 25 August 2009 Finishing School Even though this was probably a pretty accurate representation of life in this time period I did not like it very much. I still can’t believe that people use to treat African Americans as bad as they did. Like in the story where that one lady said that Margret is too long so from now on she is to be Mary. I think that’s mest up that she feels she has the authority to change someone else’s name just because she thinks that it takes too long to call her by her real name. I think that that was good that Mrs. Cullinan stood up for her and said that her name isn’t Mary its Margret. That shows that she still respects her as a person, unlike the speckled faced lady. I think that it was good that she
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Unformatted text preview: quit so that she didn’t have to get all that abuse all the time. I think that she put up with the abuse until she finally knew everything she needed to know about being a servant so that she would have a better chance of finding a new job. I think that she found a good way to quit to. It gave those women what they deserved and showed that they valued their material positions more than Margret who does everything for them. That is why I’m glad that she quit, or got fired? Maybe they will realize what they had and how nice they had it with Margret. Hopefully they learned a lesson from this and decide to be a little nicer to people....
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